Behavioral Patterns

Behavioral patterns are those which are concerned with interactions between the objects. The interactions between the objects should be such that they are talking to each other and still are loosely coupled. The loose coupling is the key to n-tier architectures. In this, the implementation and the client should be loosely coupled in order to avoid hard-coding and dependencies.

The behavioral patterns are:

1. Chain of Resposibility Pattern
2. Command Pattern
3. Interpreter Pattern
4. Iterator Pattern
5. Mediator Pattern
6. Momento Pattern
7. Observer Pattern
8. State Pattern

9. Strategy Pattern

10. Template Pattern

11. Visitor Pattern

I will describe each one of these in details


Creational Patterns
Factory Pattern
Abstract Factory Pattern
Singleton Pattern
Builder Pattern
Prototype Pattern
Structural Patterns
Adapter Pattern
Bridge Pattern
Composite Pattern
Decorator Pattern
Facade Pattern
Flyweight Pattern
Proxy Pattern
Behavioral Patterns
Chain of Responsibility Pattern
Command Pattern
Interpreter Pattern
Iterator Pattern
Mediator Pattern
Momento Pattern
Observer Pattern

State Pattern
Strategy Pattern
Template Pattern

Visitor Pattern
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