Moonnam Mura (1988)
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Moonnam Mura (1988)
Director: K. Madhu
Writer: S.N Swamy
Plot: A group of high-ranking political officials are on a trip when their bus is hijacked by a group of terrorists headed by Lalu Alex and Babu Antony. They demand the release of their old colleagues languishing in prison in exchange for safe release of the politicians. Sukumaran plays the cop who is handling the negotiations and vying for their release. Things start slithering out of control and couple of hostages are killed. That's when Sukumaran decides to enlist the help ... Read More
Did you know: The tremendous hype resulted in massive crowd and on the release day at Jose theatre, Thrissur, 15 people were injured and 1 died due to rush for the movie.
Release date: 10/11/1988
Banner: N/A
Music Dir: Shyam
Genres: Action
Certification: N/A
Runtime: N/A
Awards: No Awards
Theater Profit : N/A


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