Village Guys (2015)
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Village Guys (2015)
Director: Shan
Plot: Sudeendran, Anwar, Yadhu, and Achayan are the four friends. Among them only Achayen is married and the others are bachelors. Sudeendran is the son of a traditional medical practitioner. Anwar has only his mother to look after. As they have not many responsibilities they lead an easy going life enjoying life to the fullest. Their main time pass is making fun with someone or other or doing silly mischiefs. So the villagers were not fond of them. One day they were cau... Read More

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Release date: 09/01/2015
Producer: Prakash, Shahul, Basheer
Music Dir: Unni Nambiar
Genres: Drama
Certification: U
Runtime: N/A
Awards: No Awards
Theater Profit : N/A


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