Doctor Innocent aanu (2012)
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Doctor Innocent aanu (2012)
Director: Ajmal Ameer
Writer: Ajmal Ameer
Plot: Doctor Innocent aanu is the story of Homeopathic Doctor Bargavan Pillai (Innocent), who always helps poor patients. His wife Subha lakshmi (Sona Nair) is unhappy that her husband is not earning a lot to lead a financially healthy life. For the Panchayat elections, one political party approaches Bargavan Pillai to contest on behalf of them. Though he was reluctant, his relents finally as his wife persuades him into it. But Doctor does not win the elections even after a st... Read More
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Release date: 27/04/2012
Producer: N/A
Banner: N/A
Music Dir: N/A
Genres: Comedy
Certification: U/A
Runtime: N/A
Awards: No Awards
Theater Profit : N/A


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