Achan (2011)
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Achan (2011)
Achan - (2011)
Director: Ali Akbar
Plot: The film is about an elderly gentleman Major Madhava Menon aka Major maman (Thilakan who has seen better days but has been left alone, and his emotional relationship with a male nurse, Rahithan (Sasi Eranjikkal). An emotional bond develops between the two. Rahithan considers the Major like his father. In between he got thoughts of killing the Major to free both the souls of the burden they are carrying. But he couldn't commit it and he even rejects a government job in or... Read More
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Release date: 14/01/2011
Producer: Louisiama
Music Dir: Aleena Ali Akbar
Genres: Drama
Certification: U
Runtime: 107 Minutes
Awards: No Awards
Theater Profit : 10 L


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