Bombay March 12 (2011)
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Bombay March 12 (2011)
Director: Babu Janardhan
Plot: The year is 1993, and the film rekindles memories of March 12, the day when bomb blasts rocked the metropolitan city of Mumbai that left many innocents dead. As the fire flames ravage the city, three individuals in three corners of the country realize that their lives have been changed forever; Abida (Roma) a young girl in Aleppey, her brother Shajahan (Unni Mukundan) who has just landed in Mumbai on a new job and Sadanand Bhatt (Mammootty), a temple pujari in Chennai.
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Release date: 30/06/2011
Producer: Haneef Muhammed
Banner: N/A
Music Dir: Afzal Yusuf
Certification: U/A
Runtime: N/A
Awards: No Awards
Theater Profit : 70 L


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