Devasuram (1993)
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Devasuram (1993)
Director: I.V Sasi
Writer: Ranjith
Plot: Neelakantan (Mohanlal) is the heir to the well-known Mangalassery family. He squanders away his father's largess and good name, but is loved by the people who know him well. Neelakantan has been the arch-rival of Shekaran of the Mundakkal family since childhood. During a minor ruckus, one of Neelakantan's aides accidentally kills Shekaran's uncle (Janardanan). This incites Shekaran to plan to avenge the death of his uncle. Meanwhile, Neelakantan offends Bhanumathi (Revat... Read More
Did you know: The protagonist Mangalaserry Neelakandan" is a real-life character sketch of Mullasserry Rajagopal, who died in 2002. Supposedly, some notable scenes in the movie are real-life incidents. He was an a... Read More
Release date: N/A
Producer: V.B.K Menon
Banner: N/A
Genres: Action, Drama
Certification: U
Runtime: 160 Minutes
Awards: No Awards
Theater Profit : N/A


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