Struts Tag Library

The Struts framework provides a fairly rich set of framework components. It also includes a set of tag libraries that are designed to interact intimately with the rest o the framework. The customg tags provided by Struts framework are grouped into four distinct libraries
2. Bean
3. Logic
4. Template

And a special library called Nested tag library.

Custom tags with in Struts HTML tag library

base - renders an HTML base element
button - renders a button input fiels
cancel - renders a cancel button
checkbox - renders a checkbox input field
errors - conditionnaly renders a set of accumulated error messages
file - renders a file select input field
form - defines an HTML form element
frame - renders an HTML frame element
hidden - renders a hidden field
html - renders an HTMl html element
image - renders an input tag of type "image"
img - renders an HTMl img tag
javascript - renderts JavaScript validation rules loaded by ValidationPlugin
link - renders an HTML anchoror hyperlink
messages - Conditionally displays a set of accumulated messages
multibox -renders multiple checkbox input fields
option - renders a select option
options - renders a collection of select options
options Collection - render a collection of select options
password -renders apassword input field
radio -renders a radio button input field
reset -renders a rest button input field
rewrite - renders a URI
select -renders a select element
submit -renders a submi button
text -renders an input field of type "text"
textarea -renders an textarea input field

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