Internationalizing Tiles

It is possible to load different Tiles according to the user's Locale

You can use all I18N capatibilities of Struts to internationalize your Tiles. But Tiles additionally provides a way to select a Tile according to the Java Locale (language and country) using definitions and definitions files/factories. you can have one definition file per Locale, the appropriate definition is loaded according
to the current Locale


Each factory is linked to (loaded from) a definition file. The default load mechanism allows files starting with the same name, but ending with a Locale suffix, as with Java *.properties files.


Tiles tutorial
Introduction to Tiles
Web Page Layouts
JSP pages with embedded HTML
JSP pages with JSP include directive's (static) or JSP actions (dynamic)
JSP templates
Classic layout
Menu layout
Vertical box or vbox or vstack layout layout
Multi-columns layout
Center layout
Tabs layout
Installing Tiles
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For Struts1.1
For Tiles stand alone
Configuring Tiles
Internationalizing Tiles
Create a Tile Layout
Use a Tile Layout
Create a Tile Definition
Use a Tile Definition

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