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Table of contents:

  • Career: Film, actress
  • Date of birth: September 2, 1966  
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Age: 56 years old
  • Place of birth: Coatzacoalcos, Mexico
  • Height: 157
  • Marital status: Married


Hollywood is full of movie stars from all over the world. Among them is the talented actress Salma Hayek, who was born in faraway Mexico, where she became a national heroine. But the actress has had to overcome a long road of discrimination and disbelief to reach global stardom. Today, she is still a star, capable of surprising the public in a new and striking way.

Childhood and youth

Salma was born into a wealthy family on September 2, 1966 in Coatzacoalcos on the Gulf Coast. Her mother Diana Medina was Spanish by birth and a popular opera singer, and her father, Sami Hayek, a Lebanese nationality - a businessman who has built a considerable fortune in the oil market. In 1975, the happy family enlarged the heir - Salma's younger brother was born, named after his father.

From an early age, her mother instilled in the girl a love of art, and her father never missed an opportunity to pamper his beloved daughter. After Sunday mass, Sami would take the children to the only cinema in the town, which was often packed to capacity. But for the Hayek family was enough and one place, as the father sat his daughter on his shoulders, so that the girl could freely enjoy the cinema. Then Salma began to realize that she longed for more from life and dreamed of leaving the cramped city.

At the age of 9, she got her chance. The girl has several years of gymnastics, and she was invited to the national team. But then her father intervened, who was adamantly against the departure of his young daughter in the capital, where she was faced with grueling daily practice.

Salma, like any other child brought up in respect for parents, obeyed her father's decision and stayed with the family. However, the dream of leaving the city, the future actress did not give up and later managed to convince her parents to send her to Louisiana, where there was a Catholic boarding school for girls.

Hayek's impressions of schooling were mixed. She not bad assimilated the material and got good marks, loved to sing at Catholic masses and often joked at the mentor, who did not hold a grudge against the mischievous pupil. But then Salma was diagnosed with dyslexia, which prevented her from fully mastering her reading and writing skills. She was also self-conscious about her height and small breasts, which made her unnoticeable in comparison to her feminine classmates.

 At 15, Hayek briefly returned to Mexico to travel back to the US, but now to Houston where her aunt lived. Living in an English-speaking country for a long time allowed her to learn the language as well as absorb American culture and its values. Despite the future status of the film star, during her teenage years, Salma suffered from skin problems, typical of many girls her age. Against the background of struggling with flaws, she fell into depression and earned a digestive disorder, from which she could not eat for twenty-four hours or consume food in unimaginable quantities.

Unbalanced diet led to weight problems and severe anxiety about appearance. For a while Hayek was so self-conscious she couldn't go out. Nevertheless, she found the strength to cope with these problems before entering the Ibero-American Institute in Mexico City.

Salma soon realized that a career as a diplomat does not appeal to her, and secretly began to learn acting classes, playing in student productions. She soon had to admit this passion her father, who initially did not believe in the talent of his daughter, but still supported her desire to become an actress.

In 1991, the future star went to Los Angeles to study acting. There she had to get rid of a Mexican accent, which could prevent a career in Hollywood.

Career in Mexico

In the movies Salma got by happy accident. She performed in "Aladdin" at the children's theatre, where the girl noticed the Mexican producer and offered a cameo role in the series.

Her debut was so bright that after some time the actress landed a major role in a new multi-series telenovella "Teresa", which was released in 1989. And although such series on Mexican television was enough, "Teresa" was a success not least because of the charming and talented performer.

After the premiere, Hayek instantly became the most popular actress in the country. On the wave of this success she was invited to a feature film "Alley Wonders". The director picked up a "star" cast and the picture enjoyed incredible popularity at home and earned a number of prestigious awards.

Started in Hollywood

However, Salma's ambitions required more. So she went to the U.S., where she faced serious discrimination at first. American directors simply refused to offer the actress leading roles, believing that the Mexican can not be a central character of the film. However, she was lucky enough to meet on his way Robert Rodriguez, whose ancestors themselves were from Mexico.

The director appreciated Hayek's talents and invited her to the film Desperado starring Antonio Banderas. Originally, Jennifer Lopez was to be the actor's partner, but Rodriguez bet on the unknown Salma in America.

The film was released in 1995 and brought the actress her first popularity in Hollywood, as well as new offers for filming. Hayek herself was not thrilled with the proposed roles, as most directors only saw her as a femme fatale, while the performer wanted to show her artistic talents rather than her impressive looks. She even considered going back to Mexico, but Rodriguez's wife persuaded her to stay.

Salma went on to star in Robert's films, and in subsequent years came the films "Four Rooms" and "From Dusk till Dawn". In the latter, Hayek performed the famous dance with a snake and showed her unrivalled figure. Interestingly, the director did not engage a choreographer to work, just advised the actress to move to the music, which she did brilliantly.

Films and directing

In 2000 Hayek founded the production house Ventanarosa, which was more loyal to the Spanish-speaking actresses. Her debut feature was the drama No One Writes to the Colonel.

Cult fame Hayek brought the film "Frida" in 2002. Salma dreamed of playing the role of the famous Mexican artist for 7 years, and when she became a producer of the film, this dream became a reality.

For the role of the actress did not even hesitate to grow a mustache, which was characteristic of Frida Kahlo. Her experiments with looks as well as the film itself did not go unnoticed. The film won two Academy Awards and Salma was nominated for Best Actress, a true recognition of her talent. The niece of the artist is so penetrated into the film that in gratitude gave Hayek a necklace that belonged to the artist.

No less successful for the creative biography of the actress was the directorial debut. In 2003, the screen came out the film "The Miracle of Maldonado", which brought its creator "Emmy".

Following the success of Frida, Hayek consolidated her status as a Hollywood star. The press and television included her in various rankings, calling it the most elegant star (TV channel E!), then one of the sexiest women in the world (Stuff puts it at 31st place, the magazine "Maxim" - 24th).

Hayek did not hover in the clouds and continued to shoot. At first she accepted a role in the next work of Robert Rodriguez - "Once Upon a Time in Mexico. In the tape Hayek was accompanied by Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp and Enrique Iglesias. The film is the final in a trilogy about the musician.

Then Salma was involved in the adventure picture "After the Sunset", where a couple with Pierce Brosnan played the role of the robber of the highest level. Despite the fact that the location chosen Malibu, located in the sunny state of California, during filming it was so cold that the actors had steam coming out of their mouths, which then had to be removed using special effects.

In Luc Besson's western "Bandidas", the performer played together with her friend Penelope Cruz. Here too, Salma was very much in the role of a skillful robberess.

The picture was filmed in her native Mexico, she was comfortable on the set with a partner, with whom at that time she had been in touch for about 10 years. However, the public interpreted their relationship in their own way, and after the project there were rumours that the actresses are connected closer than friendship. Critics are not happy with the tape, but the audience accepted it "with flying colours".

Success has served as a prop for another work in a similar genre. On the way to the role of Helena in the adaptation of the novel by Don Winslow "Wanted" Salma bypassed Michelle Rodriguez and Zoe Saldana. The second lead female role went to Blake Lively.

Hayek worked with Vincent Cassel on the film "Scary Tales" directed by Matteo Garrone. The film did not win an award at the Cannes Film Festival, but was honoured in Italy.

In 2017, the action film The Assassin's Bodyguard was released. The cast shone with names like Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Elodie Jung. Salma got the image of an emotional and charismatic wife of the main character, a guarded killer, and she embodied it so expressively that the creators have set a swing at the continuation titled "The bodyguard of the killer's wife.

Filmography actress complemented the drama "Beatrice at Dinner", where Salma appeared in the form of a nurse-Mexican. For the sake of the role Hayek was not afraid to lose the usual gloss. In interviews, the actress has repeatedly expressed gratitude to director Miguel Arteta for the wonderful creative process of filming and helping to create a complex character, which was close to her, because Salma also faced discrimination based on her origins.

Working with this director again, the star had a chance to work on the set of the comedy "Glamorous Bosses", where she surprised fans with her unusual red hair. The film did not arouse positive reviews from critics, and the audience perceived it with restraint.

Personal life

Hollywood gave the actress not only worldwide fame, but also bright novels. In the life of Hayek was a lot of men. The first elected Mexican star was the British actor Edward Atterton, with whom she met on the set of the film "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", where she played Esmeralda. Their romance lasted 2 years, as Salma preferred to devote her life to work, breaking off the relationship.

In 1999, she met actor Edward Norton. The couple met for 4 years. The reason for the separation were different schedules for filming, the artists simply could not give enough time to each other. Moreover, Norton never liked publicity, while his chosen one Hayek regularly appeared on the covers of magazines and gave numerous interviews.

For a year, Salma was dating actor Josh Lucas, who genuinely admired his talented companion.

At one time Hayek hid personal life from the press, and in 2007 unexpectedly announced her engagement to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, who owns many European fashion houses. Later, it turned out that the actress is expecting a child: a girl was born September 21 the same year and was named Valentina Paloma.

The wedding took place two years later at the most beautiful theatre in Venice, with many French and American celebrities in attendance. In the home country of the businessman, Salma lives under the surname of her husband, who is more famous there than she is.

According to the star, she did not seek to be dependent on a man and his views.

In 2015, the Desperado and Frida star braved a bold act - the then 48-year-old actress stripped nude for glossy magazine Allure. Despite the piquancy of some pictures, where Hayek appeared before the readers topless, photoset turned out not at all vulgar and even elegant. Despite her age, Salma Hayek has almost ideal body parameters - 95-63-94, height - 157 cm and weight of 52 kg. To keep herself toned actress helps periodic dieting.

The actress celebrated her 50th birthday again with a candid photo shoot, this time for GQ Mexico magazine. And in 2017, Hayek celebrated another anniversary - 20 years of friendship with another famous actress - Penelope Cruz. The two stars posted a photo together on Instagram, proving that a strong friendship in Hollywood is possible. And this despite different mentalities and religions (Hayek - Catholic, and Cruz - Buddhist). The secret of a strong friendship is that the women met at a young age, before they became famous.

The actress built relationships with the opposite sex as equals. Therefore, since the early 2000s, Hayek became interested in the topic of domestic violence. For rehabilitation of women, the celebrity opened Salma Hayek Foundation.

Fans are confident: time has no power over the actress, she still amazes ideal proportions of the figure, which she boldly demonstrates in the photo in a swimming costume, and is not afraid to appear before the cameras without makeup.

The star's Instagram account subscribers are sure that without makeup she looks no older than 30 years. Salma herself says that with age, most of all affected by her eyesight - to read without glasses, the actress can no longer that often upsets her.

Salma Hayek nude

Salma Hayek was born into a family of an oil company executive, so she had a prosperous childhood and youth. Problems created only arrogant behavior of the future star. But neither it nor poor knowledge of English did not prevent Mexican success in Hollywood. After her role in "Desperado" there were pictures of a Salma Hayek naked, which very much interested in the public. I wonder if it was possible not to pay attention to this lush-breasted beauty? Salma has never been thin, but for many her body - the ideal of feminine beauty. Hayek has a slender waist, large bust and very appetizing buttocks. And how chic it all looks in stylish fitted outfits, in which the celebrity often appears in public...

Salma Hayek now

Salma Hayek has reached incredible heights in the profession and fame as a Hollywood star, now she chooses complex character roles that challenge her skills.

One example was the image of Isabel in the fantasy film Bliss, which premiered in early 2021. Salma wanted to work with Mike Cahill, so she was pleasantly surprised when the director himself called her and offered her the role. The actress shared in the interview that she agrees with her character, who believes that good and evil are interconnected, and to feel the value of good events in life, you need to go through trials and vice versa.

The celebrity attracted the attention of tabloids and users of the web in connection with the 93rd Academy Awards. The winner of the Best Actor category was Anthony Hopkins. The actor, being in a respectable age, was not present at the event in person, but posted a video of himself performing the victory dance with Hayek, who came to congratulate a colleague on receiving the award.


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Fun Facts

  • The actress' name comes from the masculine Arabic Salem, which translates to "peaceful", which suits the star very well, and her full name sounds like Salma Valharma Hayek Jimenez.
  • The performer loves dogs and animals in general, she has had more than 50 pets in her life, including alpacas, horses and parrots.
  • Hayek married François-Henri Pinault on Valentine's Day.