Recipes with cabbage: tasty and healthy ideas

Protagonisti dei banchi invernali di frutta e verdura, i cavoli sono tra gli ortaggi più nutrienti presenti in natura:

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Recipes with cabbage: tasty and healthy ideas Mom DB

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Cabbage is rich in vitamins, fibre and minerals, has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, is low in calories and easy to digest, and helps the natural intestinal transit and immune system. In the colder months of the year, they abound in kitchens and dishes: protagonists of soups and even fresh salads, cabbage is a precious ally of our health and although often underestimated and decidedly unloved, especially by children, it can be the protagonist of tasty and rich dishes.

Types of cabbage

In nature there are many types of cabbage, all belonging to the Cruciferae family: there is the cabbage, first in terms of nutrients and fame, spherical and brightly coloured with hollow, serrated leaves. It is used in the preparation of sauerkraut, is excellent both cooked (we even stuffed it) and raw, included in very fresh salads; then there is Savoy cabbage, a highly antioxidant vegetable, recognisable by its dark, wrinkled leaves, ideal for flan and risotto as well as for tasty rolls stuffed with sausage and Parmesan cheese. How can we forget the Brussels sprouts? Small but very tasty, cultivated especially in northern European countries because they are particularly resistant to the cold, real natural concentrates of vitamins and mineral salts, to be steamed or perhaps au gratin in the oven, for a crunchy side dish with a tender heart (see details here

Cooking cabbage

Cooking cabbage is very simple, but it can sometimes be unpleasant to smell because at high temperatures, the sulphur present tends to be released into the air and invade our kitchens, a not particularly 'delicate' smell that can easily be mitigated with a few tricks: a coffee cup full of vinegar placed next to the pot's air valve, a slice of lemon directly in the cooking water or a simple bay leaf. These tricks make it possible to cook cabbage without fear of having to have the windows open for days and let us enjoy its flavour in peace.

First courses, baked and pan-fried side dishes or timelessly tasty soups bring back memories of grandmother's cooking: anything but sad and tasteless ingredients, if cooked with a bit of imagination and a desire to experiment.